We were commissioned by SARDATUR HOLIDAYS to create short films and engaging narrative stories that would help bring the less well known ORISTANO province in western SARDINIA to more animated life for their clients, and also highlight the attractions at their property Is Benas Country Lodge.


Sardatur Holidays


Oristano, Sardinia


Animate Is Benas Country Lodge and the surrounding area of Oristano

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Secret Sardinia


Most tourists visiting SARDINIA head to the glitzy north-eastern corner and the Costa Smeralda, or stay south, in glamorous resorts clustered close to Cagliari. But they'll miss seeing some of the real Sardinia, particularly the beautiful, wild and historic western region of ORISTANO.

We helped Sardatur Holidays to create short films and engaging narrative stories to showcase the attractions of this lesser-known side of the island.


The Giants of Mont’e Prama

Imagine digging up your garden, ready for a new season’s crop of vegetables. Your spade strikes something hard. You keep digging and uncover more shards of old, but indefinable, stone. And now imagine that you have just discovered the equivalent of China’s terracotta warriors......

This is what happened to a Sardinian peasant farmer in 1974, and the find was from the ancient Nuraghic civilisation, possibly dating back as far as the 11th century BC.


Exceptional and passionate cuisine

If you’ve been on a Sardatur holiday before, you’ll probably know already how important a role food plays in Sardinia and throughout Italy.

But I wonder if you will have experienced gastronomy quite like what is served up at Is Benas Country Lodge in Oristano, the wild and still relatively unspoiled province on Sardinia’s central west coast.


Is Benas Country Lodge

From the moment you arrive at the Is Benas Country Lodge, past the tall oleander trees bursting with pink and white blossom, and the lush lawns edged with fragrant herbs, you know you are in good hands.

A warm Sardo welcome awaits, together with a glass of chilled prosecco, as you’re shown around the Lodge’s estate, which will be your home for the next few days.