We were commissioned by ON FOOT HOLIDAYS to create short films and a long-form narrative article to help promote their new walking route The Lighthouse Way in GALICIA on the wild north-west corner of SPAIN. The client is using the assets on their website, digital newsletter and social media platforms. Responses to the work include...

'We love it! Very evocative. You managed to get some amazing shots with the drone. Great choice of music, which conjures up crashing seas and soaring cliffs’ – On Foot marketing manager

‘The main Lighthouse Way film has gone out to our newsletter list this week, and we’ve had some lovely messages back from people. We don’t usually get any direct replies to our newsletters, so this has obviously struck a chord! – On Foot

‘This video is NICE!!! It really captures what your walks are all about. Well done!’ – client

‘What a lovely film! Makes you definitely want to go there!’ – client


On Foot Holidays


Galicia, Spain


Create a range of media assets to promote The Lighthouse Way route including – a main film; a trailer; social media stings; a long-form narrative article with photos on Silver Travel Advisor.

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The wild coastline of Galicia.


This north-western corner of the Iberian peninsula is pounded by the Atlantic Ocean, creating a dangerous coastline but also a spectacular travel experience. The new Lighthouse Way walking route from Malpica to Fisterra provides a sensory feast, exposing the visitor to charming local people, an interesting language and amazing seafood, along with mesmerising natural landscapes.


Film assets for the Lighthouse Way

THE TRAILER – a 60 second ‘teaser’ trailer film for On Foot Holidays to send to their client database, and to distribute through online channels, to generate initial interest in this new walking route for their holiday portfolio.

THE MAIN FILM – a 4 minute film, with soundtrack, bringing the Lighthouse Way walking holiday to life for On Foot clients, through captivating footage of landscapes and seascapes, people, food and culture. The film includes interviews and drone footage, is on the main On Foot website and has already generated significant interest in the holiday from client newsletter distribution.

THE MOBILE STINGS – short 20 second films focusing on key themes of the Lighthouse Way route to excite On Foot clients. Mobile-friendly formats, particularly for use on social media platforms.

More information on each ‘sting’ film below...


Maritime history on the Costa da Morte

The Lighthouse Way route exposes the intrepid walker to the dangerous Costa da Morte - the ‘Coast of Death’ - where the full force of the Atlantic Ocean pounds the Galician coastline. Many shipwrecks lie close to the rocks, and we used drone photography to give an idea of the inherent dangers and to show an aerial view of the English Cemetery, a memorial from local residents to the 172 crew members of the English battleship The Serpent who died here in 1890.


Seafood lover’s paradise

You’ll have the opportunity to eat some of the best seafood in the world whilst walking The Lighthouse Way. We filmed harbours and ports along the way, and at a local restaurant and the fish market in Fisterra, but along the entire route you can dine on treasure from the sea. The Galician speciality is ‘percebes’ - goose barnacles - which are expensive, reflecting the risks local fishermen take to catch them at their freshest, on dangerous rocks.


Client endorsement

We interviewed an On Foot client who had just completed the entire Lighthouse Way route. They enjoyed the whole experience - nature encountered along the way, wild flowers, the people, the food - and will definitely come back from Canada to enjoy more On Foot holidays in Europe.